LayZee aka Mr. President


LayZee aka Mr. President

For many years LayZee was known as the front man of the German success pop band Mr. President. In 1994 LayZee replaced the former front man. After that followed many hits and their first German Gold Award with ‘Up ‘n’ Away’. The groups then made their follow up album ‘We See The Same Sun.’ Which would be the album that would see them achieve World Wide success. With songs like ‘Coco Jamboo’, ‘Show Me The Way’ and ‘I Give You My Heart’ brought the band Gold and Platinum awards in over 40 countries World Wide. They also achieved Echo’s for ‘Best Dance Song’ 1996 and ‘Best National Export Band’ 1997. Also RSH-Gold ‘Ohrwurm des Jahres’ and Viva Comet ‘Best Song’ just to mention a few. The Band ended up making 5 albums and 1 best of album.

After the split, LayZee continued on his musical road as Song Writer, Singer, Rapper and Producer. Traveling the World with his show of the old Mr. President songs and his new tracks, which he continues to write and produce. LayZee is seeing a great amount success in Eastern Europe and has worked with some very popular bands around the World.

The Show Man

LayZee have been in show business at all levels and has over 27 years of experience. He is a true show man that likes to involve the audience in his show and make them feel a part of it. For this reason he has been invited on tours to many countries in Europe and the World. Always being invite back over and over again. He was the very first European act to be invited to the residence of the President of Kazakstan to give a private concert. Which turned out to be one of the very many highlight in LayZee’s career. LayZee now travels with only one singer but this does not take anything away from his show and his music. Which is the reason why he has traveled to so many different countries around the World and is still on the move.

The Events, Parties and Shows

LayZee is available for all types of presentations. Weather it be a private company event, to an Open-air public event. From clubs to City Celebrations. LayZee has done it all and can do it all.

LayZee has a traveling party of between 2 to 3 persons. Himself 1 singer and a Sound Engineer/Manager. Starting traveling location is Hannover and or Frankfurt, with Star Alliance flights. Accommodation must be a minimum 4 star International Standard with breakfast, dinner and catering at venue. Local pick up from Airport to Hotel, from Hotel to Venue from Venue to Hotel and return.