The story begins at the beginning of the 1990s, when the young girl Marie-José van der Kolk from the picturesque Dutch town IJmuiden moved out to conquer the world. „The world“ was however only a summer holiday job on the island of Majorca. Nobody, at least Marie herself, could have imagined that this was written the first chapter of a worldwide carreer.
But first she went home after the summer , where the leisure enthusiasm for dance, theater, and dance music was transformed into a vocational training: Marie began a professional dance and theatre training. In the following summers, she returned again and again to Mallorca. In the meantime she had met the DJ and music producer Sammy and so they met more often, to work on common musical ideas.

The first results we could hear: were more settled in classical dance and techno and the two young artists could inspire more and more people with their music. Between 1995 and 1998 the duo celebrated as DJ Sammy featuring CARISMA with songs like „Life is just A game“, „You ´re My Angel“, „Prince Of Love“, „Golden Child“ and „Magic Moment“ there first Chart entrees.
The really big ‚ Magic Moment‘,more in the direction of dance-pop ,followed in 1998, with a musical direction change.

Under a new name “LOONA “ and the Title „Bailando“ was the big breakthrough: eight weeks number One in Germany, number 1 in Switzerland, number 3 in Austria, meant eight Gold-, three Platin- and Double Platin- Awards. In Germany. The duo was awarded “the ECHO” in the category „Best dance single“ for „Bailando“.

The second single, „Hijo de la luna“ (comes original from the Spanish Band Mecano dating back to 1984), reached the number 1 in Germany again and sold incredible 1.5 million copies and was awarded with Gold and Platinum. The imposing ballad was recorded with the Orquestra de la Luna, a 40-piece ensemble of Germany’s best musicians. The title became the most successful Spanish Song Single of all time in the German charts. From the successful album „Lunita“ followed yet another single, which manifested LOONAs place in the charts with „Donde Vas“.

Only a year later, fate played the next ‚ Magic Moment‘-Card: „Mamboleo“ was in 1999 as the first single from the new album „Entre dos aguas“ released, reached the top 3 in the German charts and went Gold. LOONA was awarded for this single with the second ”Echo” , again in the category of „Best Dance Single“.
„Latino Lover“, „Baila mi Ritmo“, „Viva el Amor“ and „Rhythm Of The Night“ are more unforgettable hits of LOONA. In total, over 10 million were sold worldwide! Through appearances in the United States, Asia, Australia, South Africa and Europe, LOONA reached top 10 positions in various countries around the world.

In 2002, it was “musically”, back to the roots of Dance. The success curve was going further upwards. Under the project name DJ Sammy feat. Loona , the duo reached with „Boys Of Summer“ the number 1 – position in England, South Africa and Australia. Across Europe the song reached the top 10 and even in the United States, the top 20. The follow-up single „Sunlight“ reached top 10 – status in all these countries. The worldwide success allowed Marie and Sammy in the years 2002 and 2003 tours all over the world. In Australia, they did the famous „Rumba tour“ and toured with Bon Jovi, Pink and The Sugababes from Perth to the GoldCoast, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne. Across Australia and across the World!

After Loona lost her beloved mother in 2003, she published in 2005 the album “Wind of Time”. This experience had a massive influence on the selection of the album . It was a collection of the most beautiful ballads like „Where do you go my Lovely“, „Streets Of London“, „Blowin‘ ´ in the Wind“ and the first single „Tears In Heaven“. Unforgotten until today, such as emotional she performed the Eric Clapton Classic at „The Dome“, presented at a time high Pregenant with her now 10-year-old daughter Saphira.

In 2008, Loona finished her baby break and opened up a new chapter. Separated from Sammy professionally and privately, she released the hit single „Por La Noche“ From her new album „Moonrise“. That year she was also a Judge of the Popstars Jury . In 2009 Loona landed the summer hit of the year with „Parapapapapa“ and reinforced their live activities significantly, to the delight of her many fans, who are excited to celebrate her rousing performances.

In 2010 followed by “Vamos a la Playa”, number 23 in the German charts and would a hit all over Europe in 2011: number 3 in France, number 14 in Switzerland, number 1 in Haïti, 21st place in Denmark, number two in Belgium, 5th in South Africa, number 38 in Sweden.

The next hit was released a year later in the summer of 2011, „El Tiburón“. Followed by „Policia“ a year later . In 2012 Loona get´s a lot of attention, away from the music , she was to see naked in “Playboy” and in the biggest television shows.

In 2013, LOONA celebrates her 15th anniversary. She had, of course, a new summer hit at start: „Rakatakata (UN Rayo de Sol)“. A typical Loona-number: good mood, really crispy dance beats and just Loona´s distinctive and beautiful Latino voice! Naughty, charming, sexy! For the first time,a German team has ensured the correct sound of production: XTreme sound from Cologne – in terms of Dance- and Party-Pop , the first address in Germany.

In 2014, Loona released the mini album „Brasil“, based on the World Cup Football in Brazil. The hit single “Brasil” reached number 29 in the German charts .
For this summer 2015, the next single is in the starting blocks, „Caliente“, wich will be released in Europe.

Learn more about Loona at: www.loona.com