The world famous hitduo with the disco-hits of the 80s

Thunderous lightning crackled like the hits in the 80s the group down to the dance-crazy disco scene. OTTAWAN the name of the hit-duo getting ready for party music and disco-pure !

With a play on words to syllables of the same temple dance „D.I.S.C.O“ OTTAWAN like invasion of France stormed out of the front positions of the european and international charts and became internationally known and sought after. Even bevor the buzz arround the dance hit „D.I.S.C.O“ flattened out, the duo fired another rocket hit the front chart places. „Hands-UP“ was the call to the crazy dancers who enthusiatically followed. The success still holds in the international musicworld, „crazy-music“,“You`re Ok“ and the „shalala Song“ here are the representative of many other placing.

Even today, the group world-hits the winning formula for unforgettable party atmosphere !